That’s a good question.

I like to do things a bit differently. So to understand how much it might cost to engage an architect like me, it helps to first understand how other architects charge for their services.

Most architects will typically use one of three approaches to calculate their fees for any given project:

  1. Lump Sum or Fixed Fee
  2. Percentage Fee
  3. Hourly Rates

Each approach had advantages and disadvantages, for both the client and the architect.

Lump Sum or Fixed Fee: As both terms suggest, this involves a client paying an agreed amount of money for work to be completed eg. I will pay you $5,000 to come up with a sketch design for my new home. If the project brief and design requirements are reasonably clear and understood, this approach can work well for both the client and the architect –  the client knows exactly how much they will have to pay for the service, while

Percentage Fee:

Hourly Rates:

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