Over the years, I’ve done a lot of talks and presentations about how to design a more sustainable home or renovation. It’s about time I put this information together here on my website – it isn’t as difficult as some might think. In fact, after you’ve read through these articles, you’ll be wondering why more homes aren’t designed this way!

Essentially, there’s really only six things to bear in mind if you want to design a more sustainable home:

STEP 01: UNDERSTAND THE CLIMATE - The first and most important step in designing a more sustainable and eco-effective home is to understand the climate.
STEP 02: USE THE SUN TO YOUR ADVANTAGE - The sun can be your best friend or your worst enemy when trying to design a more sustainable and eco-effective home. Read on to find out how to be friends with the sun!
STEP 03: CHOOSE APPROPRIATE BUILDING MATERIALS - Remember the story about the three little pigs? The materials you choose to build with do make a difference!
STEP 04: SELECT THE RIGHT WINDOWS - Windows provide light, ventilation and a view to the outside world, but they can also make a building too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and make a room uncomfortable. Learn more here about how to get them to work for you all of the time!
STEP 05: ALLOW FOR VENTILATION - Buildings need to breathe just like us! Learn more here about how to get the wind to work for you.
STEP 06: CONSIDER THE IMPACT ON & OF THE LANDSCAPE - It's not just about your new home or renovation, but also the garden and landscape in which is it situated.