Last week I gave a presentation entitled The Future of Sustainability? at the DesignBUILD expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre. A big thank you to ABSA CEO Rodger Hills, expo organisers and everyone that attended; here are some photos from the day:

The good folks at DesignBuild wrote a glowing summary of my presentation:

One of the highlights for the event was a Sustainability seminar involving ABSA Chair Sid Thoo who, according to DesignBuild, inspired a sold out audience.

Thoo commented during his speech that the word ‘sustainable’ had lost its meaning.

“We need to make it mean something again,” he said to the booked out seminar theatre.

“Sustainability is not an optional extra: it’s more like a steering wheel than a sunroof,” he commented.

Sid then turned the responsibility of sustainability back to industry professionals, adding that it is ultimately a moral choice, asking –“are we ethical enough to justify its importance?”

He closed his talk by calling sustainability “a lifetime journey”, and said he was excited by the industry’s migration towards an integrated approach.

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