A few weeks ago my awesome design partner Alex Raynes-Goldie and I completed our Stage 02 submission for the Landcorp Generation Y House Design Competition. We thought you might like to have a look-see. Here’s an image of our Stage 01 submission, which got us on the shortlist of 6 out of 21 submissions:

Our Stage 01 submission for the Landcorp Gen Y House Design Competition.

We decided to stick with a similar layout and presentation for our Stage 02 submission:


Browse the thumbnail gallery below to see the rest of our Stage 02 submission.

Big thanks to all of the wonderful people who helped us make our submission the best it could possibly be – Chris Dorian from Dorian Engineering Consultants, Richard Haynes & Alex Bruce from eTool, Chris Ferreira from The Forever Project, and Aleks Petrovski from Ace Homes Estimating & Scheduling.

The winner will be announced on Monday 24th 2014 – we’re up against some pretty talented architects, including David Barr, Mitch Hill & Sally-Ann Weerts, Andrew Boyne, Thomas Hobbs and a team lead by Lisa McGann from Gresley Abas, so the competition is fierce! Fingers crossed 🙂


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